When travelers visit Las Vegas they tend to expect the best of everything in terms of dining and nightlife, including the best wines from around the world. Fortunately, there are places all around town where visitors can taste the best vintage from top-notch wineries. Casinos, wine bars and even wine festivals are available to vino fans in the entertainment capital of the world.


Some would say a Las Vegas party is incomplete without having a quality vino. Big name casinos on the strip carry some of the top wines from France, Italy, Spain and the United States, just to mention a few regions. One can get a bottle at a fine-dining restaurant or have just a glass of a classy Merlot, Burgundy or Pinot Noir at a casino wine bar. Casino wine bars are nice because one can share the company of fellow wine enthusiasts in a cultured environment.

Wine Bars

There are wine bars all around town that aren’t associated with a casino. Rather, they’re standalone establishments that cater to the refined crowds visiting Las Vegas. One can have almost any varietal wine that they can think of, without being bothered by the crowds of people that normally frequent the Las Vegas strip. Wine bars take special care to control the climate of their wine cellars to protect the wine from the dryness of the desert.

Wine Festivals

Wine festivals are held sporadically throughout the year in Las Vegas at convention centers and other large gathering places. These wine festivals are an ideal way to meet new people, taste wines from around the world and have tasty entrees and appetizers. Wine festivals are usually held during the milder times of year, when the nights are cooler. They present a nice opportunity for travelers to experience the culture of the city and taste wines they might not normally get to experience.

Vino fans are sure to be impressed with all the options available to them in Las Vegas. The city is definitely more than just blackjack tables, poker rooms and variety shows.

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