There are many reasons for women to celebrate and take off for Las Vegas. After years of watching men, trek off to their personal Mecca of decadence and debauchery, women are now doing the same, and they’re having a blast doing it. Many women might not yet feel fully confident about making such plans to celebrate their Ph.D., their new job that will have them traveling the globe or publishing their new novel, but once they take the initiative and just do it, they will love it. One adventure begets another, and that is a good way to look at a visit to Las Vegas.

What Types of Parties Do Most Women Choose to Celebrate Their Successes in Las Vegas?

While no parties are identical — nor should they be — there is often a common theme. That theme usually has something to do with letting one’s guard and taking some deep breaths before letting loose and taking shots. The parties themes, however, are up to the imagination and budget of the party planner. What might work even better is learning about all the possible Las Vegas specials available for concerts, theatrical performances, restaurants, cocktail bars, nightclubs, and all-male revues.

What Can These New Party Planners Do to Increase Their Chances or Party Success and Fun?

Smart women know how to ask for help, and they aren’t afraid to do it, especially when not doing so might minimize their chance of having an amazing time in an amazing city. A great resource these women can reach out to is a boutique concierge service that can help them get to know Las Vegas better, thanks to their collective 15 years of experience living in the city. The owners and staff of such a company have committed to visiting all of the restaurants, hotel pool party venues, theaters, nightclubs and more, in the interest of giving an accurate first-hand account of each spot to their clients.

Their consultant might help them figure out just what they want in an evening by asking some simple questions about the collective tastes and habits of the group. Or the group might know they want a chaste evening or a bawdy set of events, and the concierge can help them make plans according to those tastes and preferences.

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