Get ready to dress to impress Vegas-Style

Nothing screams summertime in Las Vegas like a quintessential, lavish party at a Vegas Dayclub rubbing elbows with world-class DJs and parting with people from across the globe in the Vegas sun.

But what should you wear to a Vegas Dayclub? Dayclubs have dress codes, just like nightclubs. We’re not just telling you the do’s and don’ts of Vegas pool fashion. We’re helping you pack your bag, so your summer trip goes off without a hitch.

What To Wear To A Dayclub In Vegas
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What TO Wear

A New Bikini

A lot of pool venues require guests to dress in ‘beachy’ attire. We suggest investing in a new bikini that you feel sexy and confident in! Maybe it’s time to buy that new one-piece you have your eye on or a chance to go bold with bright colors, patterns, or styles.

After all, this is Vegas. If you’re ever going to wear an over-the-top bikini – this is the place to do it. Just make sure you feel comfortable in your new suit.


This is a big one. To get to the party venue, you may have to go through a casino. You can’t walk through the casino with just a bikini, so bring one or two cover-ups to throw over your bikini and take it off once you’re at the party.


Sunglasses are a must in Vegas. Overexposure to the sun in your eyes isn’t just uncomfortable; the sun can cause real damage. Keep your eyes safe and comfortable, and don’t forget your shades.

Plus, what’s better than a great bikini and your favorite sunglasses? It’s the ultimate combo.

What To Wear To A Dayclub


We love a matching bikini/cover-up moment. You need more than just a cute bikini. There’s something about wearing a coordinating cover-up to your bikini that just feels right. It’s like a matching bra and panty set. You feel like you can conquer the world.

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What TO Bring


The Vegas sun is blazing and temperatures can easily reach 115 degrees in the Summer. Sunscreen is a MUST! We often forget about sunscreen and more importantly… reapplying it.  Finding the perfect sunscreen can be a difficult task, not only does it need to work, but scent is such an important factor.

We recently discovered Hempz and we are obsessed! Their SPF 30 Yuzu & Starfruit smells amazing and it’s the perfect poolside scent.  Their collection includes a moisturizer, gradual self-tanner, lip balm and more all with SPF, so not only are you protecting your skin from the sun, but you’ll also have a glowing bronze! You can save 20% with code BRI on

Tip: Apply your first coat of sunscreen before you head out to the pool to give your body that gorgeous sheen, then be sure to re-apply at least once an hour or whenever you’re getting back out of the pool.


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What NOT To Wear!


While hats and sneakers are fair game, sweatpants, basketball shorts, and athletic wear are often not considered appropriate Dayclub attire. If you don’t meet the dress code requirements for some venues, you won’t be allowed in.


You’re going to be around a pool, water, and a lot of people. That’s not an ideal mix for safe stiletto walking. Save your sky-high heels for the nightclub. During the day, stick to a pair of cute wedges or flat strappy sandals. Any other shoes may look a bit out of place.

Too Many Accessories

Keep your accessories simple. Too many accessories can get heavy, uncomfortable, and you run a higher risk of something accidentally falling off during the fun. A cute pair of earrings and dainty, effortless pieces are really all you need.

To quote the world’s most luxurious gal, Coco Chanel: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

What Not To Wear Dayclub

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