If you want to go whole hog for your best friend’s bachelorette party, there is nothing better than a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Sin City is full of fun activities for the last night as a single woman, and the town is open 24 hours. You and your group of gals can stay in one resort and casino and live it up to your heart’s content. You can also hire a limo and travel from one casino to another. If you want to make more than one night of it, there is plenty to do in Las Vegas to keep you busy.

Taking in a ShowDepending on your budget, you can treat the bride-to-be to one or more of her favorite shows or attractions while in Las Vegas. Many of the big name stars have shows in town which you can book ahead. Shows can range from Cirque du Soleil to Boyz II Men if your timing is it right. Since these shows are planned way in advance, you can check schedules and plan your party around those dates.

Bars and Male RevuesFor a traditional bachelorette party, you can visit all the bars you want, watch a male revue and dance the night away. Las Vegas has bars up and down the strip and more than one male revue to visit. You can plan a whole evening of eating, bar hopping and taking in Australia’s Thunder From Down Under if you start early enough or are willing to stay up late. However, most brides want to look good for wedding pictures, so this type of party needs to be planned a few weeks before the wedding day.

GamblingThere is no end to gambling in Las Vegas. After all, that is what the city is known for. You can find your favorite casino or take some gambling lessons to broaden your horizons. Most of the casinos have a wide range of games for visitors to play. Find out what the brides likes the best and spend your time playing that game.

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