What happens in Vegas eventually ends up on social media. Those Vegas posts are usually riddled with hashtags and acronyms. But do you know what they mean? Check out our list of Vegas hashtags you should use while you’re partying in Sin City.

  • #BottleRats – Skeezers, skanks or broads who instantly appear out of no where in the VIP area when guys are popping bottles. They think they are entitled to free drinks because they’re pretty, know people & they may have slept with a B-list celebrity. DON’T be a #BottleRat instead call Vegas Girls Night Out & reserve your own table so you don’t have to deal with that hassle.
  • #Fucboi – A belittled, scrawny, weak person who is annoying or ignorant.
  • #Sweg – Same as Swag but you use this to sound more hipster or indie.
  • #THOT – That Hoe Over There. Also #Thotties for many hoes over there.


#Mexicanproblems When you see a #THOT, but forgot your mom is in the car!  #mexicansbelike

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  • #Twerk – If you don’t know what this means you may have been living under a rock for the last year. Twerking is the rhythmic gyrating of a person’s butt with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter. If you really want to learn how to twerk what your mama gave you, then check out Night School 4 Girls. You’ll learn how to twerk from professionals & you may learn a new lap dancing move too.
  • #TRAP – It’s a style of music typified by its aggressive lyrical content and sound.
  • #GoodVibes – Positive, safe, happy sensations.
  • #Rachet – A rude, trashy person, normally tries to act ghetto.

Tatiana is typing…@xTatanga

When you confront a #rachet and her rachet friend jumps in… #squadGoals #lol

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  • #OnFleek – quality of being perfect or on point.


  • #Turnt – Someone who is drunk, fucked up, horny or crunk. Mainly used for someone in the club.

  • #SquadUp – You & your friends getting ready to fight or participate in some other form of mischief.

Interesting weekend to say the least #squadup #mygirls pic.twitter.com/ZE0R14u3Pw

— laur (@laurahelton_) April 13, 2015

  • #Thirsty – Someone who is desperate.
  • #AtmoshereModels – Beautiful women or men hired by a nightclub to party and make the nightclub look good.
  • #VGNO – Vegas Girls Night Out
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  • #VGNO – Vegas Girls Night Out

These Georgia peaches had fun #Vegas style after booking a package with #VegasGirlsNightOut. Call us at 702.701.7778 pic.twitter.com/hRMrvSaNxl

— VegasGirlsNightOut (@VegasGirlsNight) February 2, 2015

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