Is it your first time coming to Sin City? Then there are some DOs & DONTs you should know.

Do Dress To Impress But DON’T Do This

Want to fit into the Vegas club scene? Then wear heels you can actually walk in. Locals can spot a tourist from a mile away just by the Vegas Girl Walk! You think you look hot in those 6-inch heels but you look like a toddler just learning to walk.

Don’t Get Vegas Black Foot

If you’re going to party all night in your heels then keep them on until you get to your room! Getting Vegas Black Foot is just as bad as the Vegas Girl Walk & so gross!

Do Invest in a Pair of RollaSoles

If the shoes make the outfit, then have a back up plan for the end of the night. Before your trip to Sin City invest in a pair of Rollasoles. They’ll keep you from getting Vegas Black Foot and they’re the perfect comfy way to walk back to your room.

Don’t Get So Turnt Up That This Ends Up Being You

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Do Book a Limo With Vegas Girls Night Out So You & Your Friends Have Time for Selfies

And You Don’t End Up In Taxi Lines Like This

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And the taxi line at Mandalay Bay still rages on #HRTech2014 #Vegas

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Do Get a Group Photo at the Las Vegas Sign

Do Enjoy All the Delicious Cocktails

Finally at the End Of the Weekend You May End Up Looking Like This But…

But You’ll Want to Come Back For More Of This

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