Who’s ready to claim a new tradition & have a good old fashioned afternoon ice cream party? While the British may have their afternoon tea, Americans have the good old summertime past time of eating ice cream time. Besides the dozens of pre-mixed exotic flavors out there, it is fun to make up new concoctions by starting with the ice cream flavor then completing it with delicious toppings.

Of course, there are all the naysayers who will quickly point out that ice cream is bad for the waistline. Well, those people need to take a chill pill because, this is not about eating gallons of ice cream instead it is about sampling small spoonfuls of flavor that make the mouth go zing! Here are a few ideas to get some flavor bursts.

The Ice Cream Parteh (that’s urban for “great party”)

Think of this as a taste test festival shared amongst female friends. A fun party game is to turn the television on, with the sound turned down, and make wisecracks about any men that appear on the screen. Start with, “I wonder what that man looks like without his toupee?” Enjoy the ice cream and a laugh.

The Ice Cream Flavors

Everyone loves dark chocolate, vanilla, and ice cream made from fresh strawberries. Next to apple pie, those are as American as one can get. Let’s not stop there. Add some new choices like peanut butter, caramel, macadamia nut, and lemon sorbet.

The Toppings

Besides the old standards of chocolate syrup, whipped cream, cookie bits, candies, and sprinkles try these for flavors that are more exotic:

• Balsamic Reduction – balsamic vinegar, sugar and port wine, heated slowly until syrupy• Pomegranate Syrup• Warmed Nutella• Coffee Jell-O Cubes – unflavored gelatin, sweetened condensed milk, and instant coffee• Spanish peanuts• Organic honey• Salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds)• Cocoa nibs• Candied Walnuts• Crystallized ginger• Candied lemon peel

Use small bowls with small portions, so that everyone gets to try the different combinations.

Need something a little more exciting to go with your ice cream? Then think about having an ice cream party in Las Vegas with some hot sexy men. Women en masse are booking Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Packages that make them scream with delight, even when no one is getting married. It’s like a scene out of the movie “Magic Mike,” but IRL. These parties are outrageously fun for women of all ages. Safe, silly, and sexy too. Whether it is an ice cream party at home or an all out ice cream rager in Vegas, summertime is time to enjoy.

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