Las Vegas is full of glitzy nightclubs and high-paid DJs, but that’s certainly not the total extent of what the city has to offer. There are also venues for fans of classic and modern rock-n-roll music. These venues include small bars and concert halls, medium-sized auditoriums and themed casinos geared towards fans that know how to rock.

Small Concert HallsThere are small concert halls located off The Strip that can hold up to a couple hundred people or more. Some of these types of venues are also located on The Strip and inside Fremont Street casinos. These small bars and concert halls provide a place for locals and tourists to listen to quality music in an intimate environment, creating awesome experiences and up-close interaction with rock bands. There is nothing quite like quality music seen up-close and in person, with easy access to the stage and to members of the band.

Medium-sized AuditoriumsThere are medium-sized venues seating up to several thousand people located in well-known casinos on and off The Strip. These venues are fun, because the seats are close enough to the stage that fans can see rock bands, while enjoying the perks of larger scale venues. This includes having access to drinks, food, and other activities, once the show is over. These types of venues run in the middle price range in terms of entertainment, which is ideal for those looking to have an amazing time on a budget.

Themed CasinosThere are several casinos on The Strip that are geared towards rock fans, displaying memorabilia and paraphernalia in grand style. These venues not only host rock concerts and play rock music, but they also have awesome pools and restaurants that coincide with rock fans’ tastes. Bachelorette parties in these venues are sure to create memories that will not fade with time.

Las Vegas bachelorette party packages can include rock venues, making for unforgettable nights of fun in America’s favorite adult playground. These venues range from intimate settings in small bars and concert halls to themed casinos that draw in thousands of people every night.

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