The quintessential bachelorette party involves significant drinking and fancy dining. However, some modern brides and their friends and family members are opting for a different type of experience. Both women and men are marrying at later ages than at any other time in history, and this often means that rowdy nights on the town have lost their appeal. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to take advantage of bachelorette party packages in Las Vegas. Fortunately, those who design and market these packages have their pulse on the individual needs and preferences of a variety of consumer groups.

Besides glittering casinos, fabulous strip tease shows featuring beautiful bodies of either sex, and some of the finest entertainment on the planet, Las Vegas is also a shopping Mecca. Some bridal parties decide to start their bachelorette festivities with a group shopping trip where each member purchases something special for the bride-to-be. Items might include household goods, luxury wedding night lingerie, or high-end perfume and grooming products. Almost anything imaginable can be found for sale in Las Vegas.

Along with world-class shopping, Las Vegas also has a number of top quality salons and spas. A day of relaxation and beauty at one of these establishments is an ideal way to spend time prior to walking down the aisle or otherwise tying the knot. The bride will feel particularly beautiful on her wedding day, and her attendants will be glowing as well.

A day at the spa followed by an elegant meal in a fabulous restaurant provides a sophisticated and relaxing bachelorette experience. Many excellent restaurants exist in Las Vegas. A large number of talented culinary professionals are attracted to the city because of its optimal weather conditions and entrepreneurial opportunities. Fine dining options are available in any type of cuisine imaginable.

Of course, the classic bachelorette party is also well represented in Las Vegas. What better place for a group of friends and relatives to let down their hair for one last blast with the bride-to-be? Many clubs have special discounts and giveaways to those celebrating the end of the single life. Las Vegas stays up all night, allowing the young and the young at heart to frolic on the town until the rising sun replaces the glow from the neon lights.

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