Once the party planner has arranged their group’s Las Vegas bachelorette party, there are still plenty of other things to consider to make sure the weekend goes according to plan. It is important for each guest to take stock of their personal needs for the trip to help them feel comfortable and at ease, so it makes sense to prepare an itinerary to pass out to each attendee so they can plan carefully and avoid forgetting any essentials.

If the person coordinating the event — either the bride’s best friend, sister or another family member — has contacted a local tourism professional, such as a boutique concierge service that caters to women, they might find some help in preparing a comprehensive list to distribute to guests. Since this firm will probably help make all the arrangements, it will make it even easier for them to help make packing recommendations, based on the package and all the events that the party will attend. It will help everyone to have dress codes and guidelines for specific venues to pack most appropriately.

What Recommendations Might a Boutique Concierge Agency Make to a Bachelorette Party Tour Group Visiting Las Vegas?

A boutique concierge agency cares about all aspects of its guests’ bachelorette event, wanting to make sure it is special from start to finish. The staff at these companies want to make sure their guests are ready before they board the plane or start the car’s engine to make their way to the city for fun, laughs and great times to make great memories. In an effort to help guests make the most of their trips, following are some additional helpful tips they might give their clients:

  • Hotel and Accommodations. One of the best things that a bachelorette party can do is rent a suite of rooms or a villa. Everyone can enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed setting before and after hitting the town. These spaces often have kitchen areas where guests can prepare some food and drinks on their own.
  • Attire Recommendations. Since the concierge will know the bulk of the social itinerary for the group, they can recommend the dress code that will cover each evening the best. While it might seem simple enough to most guests, it might help to have some professional reinforcement about what to wear at each location for the most comfort and enjoyment.

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