A fun night out with the girls provides those about to walk down the aisle with fond memories of their last fling with their friends and family. Las Vegas party packages offer an ideal way to celebrate this rite of passage in world’s most glamorous and exciting city. It’s a time to get full-on, over-the-top gorgeous and paint the town 50 shades of red. Some groups spend the day prior to the big night having relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments while others opt for afternoons by the pool. Taking advantage of the world-class shopping opportunities available in Las Vegas is another favorite daytime activity of bachelorette party attendees.

Most bachelorette parties begin the evening festivities with an elegant dinner at one of the city’s many fine dining venues, and then it’s on to shows, clubs, and casinos. Las Vegas has so many entertainment options that it’s impossible not to find something to suit all individual needs and preferences. Many groups choose to attend a concert or comedy show prior to moving on to clubs and casinos. For those who desire to attend male revue, Las Vegas has some of the most attractive men in the entire country. Girls who enjoy gaming will find a huge variety of gambling options.

Surviving a bachelorette party in Las Vegas is simply a matter of common sense. Las Vegas is a fun, modern city that comes alive at night. One of the best survival strategies for a girls night out in Las Vegas is to wear footwear that is as comfortable as possible. It’s likely that the party will encompass several different venues, and although everything on the Las Vegas Strip is within reasonable walking distance, this isn’t the night to wear shoes that hurt.

It’s also important to remain hydrated throughout the course of the evening. Rich food, warm weather, and adult beverages combine to create dehydration in the body. Revelers who make a point of enjoying cool glasses of water throughout the evening feel better in the morning than those who don’t.

Other bachelorette survival strategies include allowing ample time for sleep before the wedding festivities being the next day. Sunset weddings are excellent choices for brides who want to party with their friends and family until the sun comes up over the Las Vegas skyline.

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