Women and men who are on the verge of getting married traditionally engage in bachelor and bachelorette parties. These affairs generally involve large amounts of alcohol and visits to strip bars, but not all celebrations are designed to mark the end of single life involve raucous behavior. As the typical age of marriage rises, many bride and grooms decide on more tasteful activities. For instance, a bachelorette party in Las Vegas could include seeing popular shows and having a group dinner in a classy restaurant rather than spending the evening in a series of strip clubs.

Other pre-wedding celebration venues include going on spa weekends, spending time in the wilderness, or renting rooms in a beautiful old bed-and-breakfast in a picturesque country village. Here guests can exploring antique shops and local wineries. Rafting trips combined with a night or two of camping also provide an excellent female bonding experience prior to marriage, and more daring women have even been known to gather their best girlfriends and female relatives to go skydiving.

The best bachelorette parties involve food and drinks as well as some kind of activity or entertainment that fits the mood and the general preferences of the group as a whole. Las Vegas parties have become a huge trend in bachelorette celebrations in recent years because the city offers such a large variety of activities and entertainment options. The selection of shows is probably larger than in any American city outside of New York, and the find dining opportunities are endless because many world-class chefs have relocated to Las Vegas. Nightlife options are also abundant, including nightclubs and cabaret shows.

Outdoor enthusiasts can visit the Mojave desert with a quick car ride outside of the Las Vegas strip. Las Vegas even has a chocolate factory that offers tours and samples that are a wonderful diversion from the usual bright lights of the city.

Part of the appeal of holding bachelorette parties in Las Vegas is because it’s a relatively inexpensive city where the couple in question can also get married. It is not unusual for entire wedding parties to travel to Las Vegas for the purpose of celebrating the end of the single life with the bride and groom at separate parties before coming together the next day to watch them tie the knot.

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