Las Vegas, for many, is associated with bachelor’s parties that go over the top for men. Today’s women, though, are dipping their polished toes in the warm waters of Las Vegas resort swimming pools in search of perfect bachelorette parties too. Including these key elements will help even first timers plan the perfect bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

Vary the Night Club Selections 

While it’s tempting, and a little on the easy side, to pick one night club and call it a night, the ultimate bachelorette party requires making the rounds a bit. It’s the night to end all nights, after all, and needs to be an experience worth remembering. The good news is that Vegas has plenty of outstanding options to choose from. This, of course, brings around the next point – transportation.

Limousine Rental 

No one wants to have to play the role of designated driver on a night like this. That’s why it’s important to have someone on hand and ready to drive the group from one club to the next throughout the evening. Perhaps even a restaurant will be in order along the way to solve late night munchies and to help all party goers improve their stamina. A chartered limo for the evening will allow proper transportation to help ensure everyone makes it to the appropriate destination when the party is over.

Beauty and Spa Packages 

Whether before the night on the town or the morning after said evening, a beauty and spa package is the perfect addition to a primo bachelorette party. Everyone gets to feel a little pampered and then leaves feeling as though she looks positively beautiful. In fact, depending on how late the party is planned to go, it might be a good idea to have beauty treatments planned before and after so that everyone is ready for the big day.

Above all else, the bachelorette party is meant to be a night to remember with the girls. Careful planning will help to make this bachelorette party in Las Vegas a night to remember for a lifetime.

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