Many modern brides-to-be opt for a daring, adventurous bachelorette party with their friends prior to walking down the aisle with their beloveds as a symbolic way to sow the last of their wild oats. This is an age-old tradition that provides the bride, her female friends and family with fun memories if everything goes well. However, it’s important to properly plan these a bachelorette party in order to circumvent inconvenient snags that could potentially ruing the entire party. A good way to do this is to look for Las Vegas bachelorette party packages that offer all inclusive lodging, entertainment, and activities. These are particularly useful for those who are coming from afar — and almost everyone who celebrates in Las Vegas comes from somewhere else.

Las Vegas bachelorette parties are usually planned by friends or relatives of the bride, often by the maid of honor. One of the first things that the party planner should do is look into availability of lodgings. Booking in advance not only ensures that the group will have a place to stay, it also may result in savings on hotel rates. It is particularly important to book in advance if the party is to take place during a long weekend, during spring break, or over the winter holidays.

Even if the bachelorette party is going to be staying on the Strip, it may be a good idea to hire a limo to take the group from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the nightclub. Distances on the Vegas strip can be deceiving, though one hotel can look pretty close to another they are actually a good distance away. If you’re walking in heels for that night that short little walk and turn into an excruciating walk. Instead, skip the walk, hire a limo or party bus & enjoy a cold bottle of Champagne on your way to the club.

Dinner reservations definitely should be made several weeks prior to the planned arrival in Las Vegas, particularly if the desired restaurant is one that is highly popular. The restaurant should be informed of the bachelorette party in case they offer special deals or provisions for those who have come to Las Vegas for the purpose of prenuptial celebrations.

The evening entertainment should also be planned in advance, and all members should make a pact not to become separated from the group during the course of the evening. These types of events go more smoothly when planned in advance.

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