Did you know more than half of American workers (54%) left
vacation time unused in 2016 forfeiting a total of 206 million vacation days!
Not only are all those vacation days going to waste but, not taking a vacation
could actually hurt your career. It’s been found that employees who don’t take
vacations are less likely to receive a raise, bonus or promotion than those who
vacation more frequently. Surprising right! Research shows employees who take
vacation days get ahead. That’s why it’s time to stop putting off vacation
planning and start using those days in 2018.

Taking time out to recharge, relax and immerse yourself in
something new can help you not only come up with that great new idea at work,
but it could also put you in a better mood. According to the State of American
Vacation 2017, the most effective remedy for American workers who want to use
their vacation days is better planning. That’s why January 30th is National Plan Your Vacation
Day, this is the time of year to start planning out your next Vegas Girls
Night Out getaway. But how do you get started? We’re glad you asked. Here are
four easy steps from Project Time Off that will get you planning and ready for your next vacation.


1. Determine how much
time off you have earned.

This is one of the simplest things people have to do when
planning, but can sometimes be the hardest. To determine how much time off you
have, look up your company’s vacation benefits. Your benefits may have changed
from last year as many organizations offer additional days based on your years
of service. Make sure to add up any office closures as those are bonus vacation
days and don’t forget to include anyone you may want to travel within your
vacation planning.


2. Coordinate

It’s important to look at the calendar and see when you
could take a vacation. Here are a few things to consider.

During the Year.
If your office is closed for a holiday, could you add an
extra day off and turn a one-day holiday into a four-day weekend?

and Coworkers.
Are you thinking of getting away during a busy time of year
at work? Are you considering days off when members of your team are already out
on vacation? Start thinking about how to ensure shared responsibilities are
covered and consider how to sync up with your co-workers on handling days off during
the year.

Events and Other Important Dates
. When will your kids have time off from
school? Are there other events such as weddings, family reunions or birthdays
that you should include when planning your time off?


3. Get Time Off

Once you’ve coordinated your schedule, looked over holidays
and family time, now it’s time to get those vacation days approved. Don’t be
anxious to ask for the time off. Nearly all senior business leaders believe
vacation time benefits their employees and the company. Once you’ve gotten
approval, block those days off as out of the office on your calendar and off
your company/organizations calendar, so it’s not a surprise when the time comes
to take off.


4. Ultimate Vegas
Girls Night Out

Now comes the fun part, planning your dream girl’s getaway
to Vegas with your squad. Don’t worry you don’t need to know exactly what you
want to do. That’s what Vegas Girls Night Out is for! Once you and your girls
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weekend. We offer several packages that include everything from a night out to see
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their stuff. But if you don’t see the right package for you, we can also
customize your weekend on the town with everything from nightclub passes to an
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