Transforming your hotel room into a festive haven is a breeze: our services includes setting up a vibrant fringe backdrop, a mini balloon arch, and a foil balloon banner to create an eye-catching centerpiece. We’ll also stock your refrigerator with your favorite drinks, alcoholic beverages and snacks, ensuring the party atmosphere is complete.

Pick out your cutest bachelorette or birthday swag, and we’ll deliver and set it up in your Vegas hotel or Airbnb for a seamless and stylish celebration.

What to do:

  • Purchase your VGNO Swag set up
    (We will confirm setup time and our address for shipping your products)
  • Click here to start shopping or purchase from your favorite vendor (Use the Code VGNO10 for 10% off)
  • Have your products shipped directly to the VGNO
    (Must purchase your merch setup to receive our address)
  • Forward us the receipt to confirm all items
  • Our event stylists will deliver and strategically place your bachelorette or birthday items

Balloon FAQ’s

Unfortunately the hotels will not give us access to your room before check in.  You are required to check in with your credit card before access can be given.

It will be dropped off with either the Valet or Bell desk at your requested time and under your name.  Please ask them when you arrive on property.

If you have a Dayclub, dinner or any outing planned, we can coordinate the best time to allow our balloon decorators access to your room. Select a time that will you will be able to give the decorators access to your room and allow you to head out for the day. You are also welcome to stay in the room.

We would need written authorization from the Air BNB that our balloon decorators can access the property before you check in.

The e helium bouquets are a combination of latex and mylar balloons. Usually there is one large foil balloon, four smaller foil balloons, and 7 to 12 11” latex balloons



Incudes tax and in room setup

Setup must be done after you have checked in.
*online service fee applied to all web orders