Think of Adrenaline Mountain as a giant outdoor mancave with activities that range from shooting a Machine Gun, to racing off road in a Honda Talon down a private track, crushing a car with heavy equipment, to even driving a Monster Truck.

Get behind the wheel of one of their 2020 Honda Talon UTV’s for a one hour tour that includes orientation and laps on our private track. Not all Off-Road companies are created equal. Every vehicle in our fleet comes with full-face helmets that have intercoms that let you talk to your friends and even riders in the other Talons. Don’t eat the dust of the guy in front of you. All of our helmets are “air pumpers” that pump fresh filtered air into your helmet that also provides a cooling effect like air conditioning. Add in cell phone holders rearview and sideview mirrors, a half windshield, and Bluetooth capability to listen to your music and you’ve got one great ride.

  • Includes Strip hotel pickup and drop off



Per Person +Fees*

*online service fee applied to all web orders

Adrenaline Mountain FAQ’s

The tour is 1 hour, but we recommend carving out 3-3.5 hours.  The location is 45 minutes from the Strip.