When planning a bachelorette party, most think of doing everything that is available on the Las Vegas Strip. However, there is so much more to see and do throughout the Las Vegas area. Those booking their Las Vegas party packages may want to consider looking into some of the options available just off the Strip or in nearby areas.

Non-traditionalGoing to a gun range or the racetrack might be something guys would do during a bachelor party. Just because it is something the guys would do, does not mean that ladies have to miss out on the fun. Las Vegas is home to many gun ranges that are located in mountains and valley area. These places offer a fun and unique experience for bachelorette parties. Those who are not interested in shooting a gun, can go to a local race track and drive an exotic car around or drive in the desert.

Great OutdoorsThere are several different recreational options available to those wanting to spend time outdoors. Many of these places are located just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Lake Mead offers boat rentals, kayaking, bike paths and so much more. Those who do not want to spend time near the water will have fun exploring Red Rock Canyon. The Hoover Dam is a short drive away and offers tours to enjoy before going back to the resort and relaxing by the pool.

ShoppingThere are plenty of places to shop throughout the area that are away from the Strip. Those visiting Las Vegas for a bachelorette party will find everything from boutique shops to malls and outlet malls to one-stop-shopping venues. Container Park, which is located just north of the Strip, offers lots of shops, restaurants and live entertainment. This is a fun and unique place to go when having a bachelorette party off the Strip.

Those planning a bachelorette party in Las Vegas may want to consider planning their getaways at the different casinos just off of the Strip. These places are less expensive and guests will still have the access they want to spas, casinos, buffets, bars and entertainment all without the hustle and bustle of the Strip.

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