It is natural for people to focus on the future, in fact, it is healthy to plan and prepare. It is also a natural impulse to dwell on the past, remember good times and learn from mistakes. However for day to day joy, living in the moment is key. Many people are so focused on tomorrow or yesterday that they forget the art of living in the now. To make new lasting memories people must be willing to let go of the concepts of time and enjoy life as if the moment they are in is the only one they have.

Ways to Enjoy the Moment at Hand

• A person will not be able to enjoy a moment if they are living in fear of the stresses of tomorrow. It does not matter if their wedding is the next day, right now is the moment at hand and enjoying it means actually being there, not contemplating in the future.

• Insecurities of the past can hold up special moments. Letting go of past hurts, but it will lead to the freedom of enjoy time the here & now. Letting go of yesterday will help you enjoy the present.

• It takes a conscious effort to begin the habit. When a person wants to be able to live in a particular moment, it is a good idea to take a moment in the beginning to breath and focus on the night ahead. If a person makes a silent vow to be in each moment and let go of the past, the evening will likely be memorable.

Nobody’s wedding day, or events leading up to it should be plagued with worries of the past or future. Once the choice is made, it is time to enjoy the festivities and the bonding moments associated with the life-changing event. After all what is the point in going all out for an unforgettable bachelorette party package in Las Vegas if the bride is going to be distracted all evening? Learning to enjoy the now will make life richer and memories more vivid.

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