Sometimes discussing the time before a wedding — for the bride and the groom — ends up sounding like one or both party dies at the end of the ceremony. At the very least, it sounds as if they’ll become inextricably shackled. And to a degree, that is somewhat true, but in a good way. Devoting themselves to one another is a large step in life and is a massive commitment. If a couple makes it to the point that they are planning their pre-wedding parties with their best friends, they probably have things pretty well figured out. They most likely feel ready to commit to each other with love, pride and respect for themselves, each other and the institution of marriage. But most people find it fun to joke about the ball and chain references, hence the ageless popularity of the Las Vegas bachelorette party or the bachelor party.

Making the Most of the Final Days of Freedom for the Bride-to-Be

So, just how do these tortured souls spend their last days of freedom before getting hitched? There are many amazing ways a bride can enjoy her last days as a single woman. It is up to her, her maid of honor, and any friends and family she wants to include in the decision. It is as simple as that. The world is her decadent oyster of pre-wedding fun. Whether she want to wage a paint gun battle with her wedding party, take a 100-mile hike, bike ride, or jet off to Las Vegas, the choice is hers.

If the bride does choose to take her bachelorette party to Las Vegas, she will find plenty of activities awaiting her and her group. One of the first things she might want to do is find a reliable limousine company and book a car for the duration of the visit. This way she always have a first-class ride with plenty of adult beverages in the car’s bar. After that decision, it is pretty much an anything goes scenario. The group can check with a boutique concierge about packages for VIP entries to hot nightclubs and free and endless drinks throughout the night. If everyone wants to go a little wild, a trip to see one of the male revues is in order. The bride and her party might work with a local party planning team to get the details just right.

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