Las Vegas just might be the mecca of the all-male revue show, with buff guys from the U.S., Australia and all over the world ready to strut their stuff. They’re beefy, they’re hot and they enjoy dancing for appreciative ladies – what’s not to love?

Seeing an all-male revue is the highlight of many bachelorette party packages in Las Vegas, and it’s no wonder. These guys are in top shape, they love the attention, and best of all, they’re up for having lots of fun.

That said, attending a show like Australia’s Thunder Form Down Under for the very first time can be a bit daunting. The mood will be electric, the venue jumping, and even the coolest and collected lady can get a bit nervous. However, both first-timers to Vegas, as well as seasoned veterans wanting to make the most of the experience can benefit from knowing the basics about these types of shows.

Arriving Early Can Pay Off

Feeling rushed will only add stress to the equation and could kill the group’s mood. So gathering the girls up early to arrive at the venue, at least, a half hour early can help keep the party vibe going. It’s possible that some dancers may even be out at the bar in the venue and up for chatting before the performance.

There are No “Bad” Seats

While sitting as close to stage as possible can maximize viewing pleasure, attendees should know that the dancers tend to leave the stage and dance in the aisles as well. As such, there are no “bad” seats at an all-male revue show, so booking bachelorette party packages in Las Vegas that feature this type of entertainment is sure to be a hit.

Dress for a Great Experience

Ladies who hope to be asked on stage should keep in mind that they may have to sit on display, be asked to bend or contort themselves, or even be used as a dancer’s “prop” in an unexpected way. While Las Vegas is a place where the most risqué outfits are encouraged, comfort should be a factor as well. If attending as part of a bachelorette party, the bride-to-be should wear something attention-getting such as a bachelorette sash or a tiara, to alert the dancers and increase the odds she’ll get special attention.

Attending an all-male revue can be an unforgettable experience. Bachelorette party packages in Las Vegas often feature them, and a little awareness and preparation can help ladies make the most of the experience.

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