“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” — a phrase that seemingly rolls off the tongue with glee. Vegas offers its visitors a lot of options for world-class excitement such as the Dale Chihuly glass sculpture displayed at the Bellagio, but that is not something that should stay in Vegas. The glass sculpture is a good conversation piece that people can use to cover up their mischief. Mischief is something that should stay in Vegas. So let’s explore some of the top ways mischief forms in Vegas.

All about that TroubleMusic in Vegas is off the hook as top stars headline show after show. Come and see Britney Spears puts on her “Piece of Me” show. Other shows include Boyz II Men and Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas. For Las Vegas Bachelorette party packages sign up for a roving nightclub venue. Hop in a limo and party all the way across town at the most exclusive nightclubs and party scenes Vegas has to offer. The list of potential places includes Tao, Marquee, and Tryst or take the water route and wash away all cares at Drais Las Vegas where clothing is optional. Now that is the kind of thing that should stay in Vegas.

Strike a PoseFor any bachelorette party trip, a day at the spa and salon is top on the list. One does not simply walk into a Vegas nightclub unprepared to dazzle. Everything in Vegas dazzles, but for some of the beautiful people this is a place to shine. To that end, get a mani-pedi and makeup session before hitting the town. We all want everyone’s eyes to follow us which is why options like a Glamour Girl Package can turn us into lady luck for the night, especially with VIP access to eight of Vegas’ top nightclubs.

The City of SinPlan the best Vegas trip to suit individuals tastes for excitement. Vegas is one of those places where people can wander bar to bar and find fun, but the real excitement happens behind the scene, and that kind of fun requires a little something special — access. The fun crowd has access to the best hotels, restaurants, beauty salons and spas, shows, and, of course, nightclubs.

For everyone who wants to party like a rock star, Vegas is the end-all be-all destination. There is a lot to do here, and should stay in Vegas.

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