Girls night out is becoming a new tradition and some girls go out of their way to make these nights special. There’s hardly any place on the planet to create a more memorable night on the town than Las Vegas.

This city, while often known as a guy’s club, is beginning to learn that ladies enjoy an occasional night on the town too. With this in mind, forward thinking organizations are beginning to offer Las Vegas specials designed just for women. These are a few of the things women might be able to expect in these types of girls night out specials.


Any old transportation isn’t going to do the trick for a girls night out. Don’t go for standard hotel shuttle buses. Instead, look for specials that include limousine and party bus rides suitable for the size of the party in question. Consider holding out for limo packages that offer perks, like free drinks and music, and that charge by the hour or offer rates for the entire evening.

Show Tickets

Las Vegas is almost as famous for its shows as it is for its casinos. There are all kinds of shows in the city that are designed for women as well as for men. Most special offers will include tickets for at least one of the many great shows available. Look for one that offers plenty of eye candy suitable for the girls night out. For groups staying in Vegas for more than one night, consider adding additional show tickets into the mix as an extra perk.

Spa or Beauty Treatments

What’s a day in Vegas without a little bit of pampering? Some Las Vegas specials include trips to one of the hot Vegas salons for hair, skin, and makeup application as well as to indulge in a little relaxation and pampering before a big night on the town.

VIP Club Passes

Vegas is home to many amazing nightclubs. No one wants to come to Vegas to experience the routine nightclub experience. Look for specials that include VIP admission, seating, and even drinks at various nightclubs throughout the city. Don’t forget to require transportation for safe return trips after a night of dancing and drinking.Las Vegas specials come in many shapes and sizes. These key elements will create an exceptional Vegas experience suitable for a memorable girls night out.

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