Just about every Las Vegas hotel offers guests unique poolside experiences. It does not matter if the hotel is located on or off The Strip, most are home to uniquely themed pools featuring both entertainment, relaxation and pool parties. These pool parties offer music, dancing, drinking and plenty of opportunities to meet others wanting to have a good time while in Las Vegas. Finding the perfect pool party to attend will depend upon the type of experience, and party atmosphere vacationers are looking for.


With so many pool parties to choose from in Las Vegas, the hardest part will be deciding which one to go to first. Most Las Vegas vacationers plan their pool party itinerary based on the type of music they want to hear and the type of atmosphere they want to party in. Popular pool parties in Las Vegas include those at MGM, The Venetian, The Cosmopolitan and Aria.


Most pool parties in Las Vegas have a cover charge and some even sell tickets. The sooner tickets to these parties are purchased, the cheaper they will be. Keep in mind that pre-sale tickets do not guarantee entry. So make sure to arrive early for admission to the party. Some hotels offer special packages including admission to pool parties for hotel guests. Pool parties at most venues are open during the day, making it possible to explore The Strip at night.


All pool parties in Las Vegas have an age restriction. Guests must be 21 years of age and older to enter the party. In addition to having an age restriction, some pools have a specific dress code for admission. Those wanting to go to a pool party should look like it by wearing a swimsuit and T-shirt. Jeans, wife beaters and cargo shorts are generally frowned upon during these parties.

There are many different vacation specials available for those visiting the Las Vegas area. Some vacation packages include everything from accommodations to dining and entertainment to pool parties. These specials make it possible to enjoy everything desired in a single trip to Sin City.

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