What to Wear for a Girls Night Out in Vegas?

Winter? Las Vegas has a winter?! It sho’ do, and it can get pretty nippy if you’re not prepared.

Now we’re not saying you’ve got to bundle up like you’re trekking the frozen tundra. Nor should you just tough it out, “no pain, no gain” style just for the sake of looking cute for a night on the town.
The truth is, with a few accessories, a statement jacket, and functional shoes, you’ll be ready to brave the cold and breeze into the hottest clubs on the strip like you own the place.

Vegas Winter Attire

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Finding functional fashion (say that three times)

You ever notice when you see red carpet photos of celebrities in the winter, they still look gorgeous without showing so much skin. They just know how to pick the right pieces and highlight their best assets. You can do it, too!  

Vegas winters are mild compared to other parts of the country, with temperatures dropping to the 50s during the day and the 30s at night. So while you don’t need a down jacket, you’ll need something to cover up. The key is to find functional fashion pieces that won’t just show off your best assets but keep you warm. Here are some ideas on where to start.

Winter Fashion In Vegas

Tip 1

Pick a jacket that’s warm enough to get you moving but light enough not to be a hassle when you’re inside the warm clubs and casinos. Just remember, Vegas doesn’t have coat checks, so it’s staying with you all night. So start with a sexy top or dress and add a nicely cut blazer.

Pick a classic black to warm up your LBD or channel your inner celebrity and throw it over a white pantsuit. Want a bit more sparkle? A pink sequined blazer might do the trick!

Tip 2

If a jacket is not your style, what about a cape? The extra material covers your shoulder but leaves your arms free when you’re rockin’ the dance floor.  And you can throw it over a dress, a sleek pantsuit, or a cute romper!

Tip 3

Cover bare arms with sheer material. The extra layer will give you additional protection from the cold while still being subtly sexy.

Tip 4

In the same way your jacket should make a statement, your choice of footwear should do that too. Pick a bold color like red or pink, or go for a pair that’s a little bit shiny (or sparkly)! Or if you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to try out some over-the-knee boots. Well, this is a perfect time!

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Photos, or it didn’t happen!

We know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…but it doesn’t mean you and your girls can’t have some pictures to remember it by! Make sure everyone looks good by getting dolled up together. And yes, color-coordinating outfits are encouraged. So are feather boas!

Here are a few tips to make sure your girl gang stands out from the crowd!

Tip 1

Pick a theme or a color, and let everyone in on it! It’s a total bummer (especially for photos!) when there’s obviously a couple who didn’t get the memo. Send out an email or text your girls and encourage them to be creative.

Tip 2

Use accessories to elevate your party outfits. Bling around the neck, tiaras on the head, and sashes across the chest make sure everyone knows you’re part of the hottest ladies’ night Vegas has ever seen. You might even get some extra lovin’ when you walk in the Thunder from Down Under show! 

Tip 3

Order a limo ride to the famous Welcome to Vegas sign. It’s the ultimate souvenir and a great way to kick off the night!

Tip 4

Go home in style! Matching t-shirts are the perfect end to a rowdy Vegas weekend. Surprise your girls before you head out, and don’t forget to walk out together (in slow-mo, just like in the movies)!

Want to treat your girls to the ultimate dress-up party?

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Do’s and don’ts

Vegas is the ultimate party destination, even when it’s 50 degrees outside! Remember a few of these dos and don’ts, and you’ll be heating the dance floors in no time.

Dress To Impress


  • Turn your bedroom into an impromptu runway and test drive your fit.  If you’re not comfortable wearing it, you’ll spend more time thinking about how you look all night.
  • Tuck some comfortable shoes into your purse. In case you’re the 89% wearing stilettos on the Vegas strip (we made up that number, but it sounds about right), you’re gonna want a quick break.
  • Look up the clubs, and restaurants you and your girls are hitting to make sure your outfits are up to par. Rule of thumb: Dress to impress, and you’ll be fine!
  • Grab a table and show off your outfit. We’ve got a hookup at the Marquee (and a few other hotspots)!


  • Don’t ignore the weather. Sure, a night out in Vegas doesn’t happen that often but you don’t need to throw caution to the wind(chill) and freeze out there so that you can look cute!
  • Don’t wear 5-inch heels if you’ve never walked in them before. You’re going to hate it. (Trust, girl!)
  • Don’t bring a big bag. Instead, tuck your lippys in a cute clutch.
  • Don’t stress too much. A night out in Vegas is meant to be fun! Just do you!
Find A Shoe That Works

It’s time to party, you ready?

A night out in Vegas is a treat and one you deserve! Don’t let the details stress you out. Reach out to our expert party planners and let them put together a plan, so all you have to do is dress to impress. Just call or text us at 702.701.7778 and let us help you plan the best Vegas getaway ever!

You ready for it? We are.

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