Most Las Vegas bachelorette parties will end up a nightclub, but that often leads to the question of what to do the day before (and the morning after). There are many attractions and events on the Las Vegas Strip that can be used to gear up for a fantastic night out.

Pool Parties

There’s always a pool party in Vegas during the summer months. The bachelorette party can gather at the hotel pool for drinks, a swim or even an early poolside brunch; it’s the perfect time to plan the rest of the day. Pool parties also give bridesmaids and the bride-to-be a chance to work on their pre-wedding tans.

Spa, Salon and Nail Packages

Bachelorettes interested in looking their best may want to indulge in a salon, spa and nail package, either at their hotel or at one of the many highly-rated salons on the strip. From massages to manicures, there are usually options available at any price point. A full salon and spa treatment can be the perfect gift from the bride-to-be to her bachelorette party.

Michelin Star Brunch and Lunch

There are numerous critically-acclaimed restaurants available in Las Vegas for those who love good food. Visitors may want to book their brunch, lunch and dinner early, however, as the wait lists for these restaurants can be quite lengthy. For some of the more popular restaurants, there may be coupons and deals available online.

Retail Therapy

Apart from the normal vacation souvenir shopping, Las Vegas has quite a few malls, outlets and luxury stores both on and off the strip. Many of the luxury hotels have an assortment of high-end designers — and for those on a budget, window shopping is always available.

Group Gaming

Poker, card games and even slot machines can all be a great group activity for the bridal party. Even wandering through the Las Vegas casinos can be an exciting way to pass the time. Try a game of bingo to get into the gambling mode with low stakes it could be great to play a game or two.

Las Vegas bachelorette packages can include many of the above-mentioned events, for bridesmaids on a budget. The hotel concierge service will also be more than willing to give party goers more information on local events.

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