When people think Las Vegas, they think about gambling, bachelor parties and impromptu weddings. But you don’t have to have a yearning to gamble or to get married to hit the Las Vegas strip. Here are five great excuses to visit Las Vegas today.

1. The Live Shows Will Blow Your Mind

Only in Las Vegas do you get the caliber of live entertainment that you imagine in your dreams. No stadium concert anywhere else in the world can compare to the elaborate sets, top-class performances and stunning special effects that you’ll enjoy as a guest in Las Vegas. When you visit, be sure to get tickets for at least two shows. After the first one, you’ll be begging for more.

2. The Customer Service Will Spoil You

Las Vegas personnel are trained to spoil you with excellent customer service. You’ll feel like a prince or princess from the very moment you check in at the casino hotel to the moment your valet tucks you into your car to leave. From free cocktails and smiles while you gamble, to world-class tableside service while you dine, every moment is like being wrapped in luxury. You’ll be looking forlornly in your rearview mirror when you finally leave Las Vegas. Until you visit again, you’ll never experience quite the same level of pampering.

3. You Don’t Have to Plan Your Trip

Las Vegas is the perfect location for an impromptu getaway. When you avail yourself of Las Vegas party packages, everything will be arranged for you. Whatever you have in mind as far as activities, you’ll find it included in one or more Las Vegas party packages. Just sign up, show up, and giddy up for the time of your life. Las Vegas tour companies will handle all the details so you don’t have to.

4. Any Excuse Will Do

Don’t wait for your best friend to get married before you visit Las Vegas. Other life occasions deserve a Las Vegas getaway just as much. A college graduation, job promotion, relocation, illness recovery, or just celebrating life are all great excuses to pack a bag for Nevada.

5. Gambling is Good Clean Fun

Gambling is good, clean fun when you think about it. Where else can you join a group of strangers who are all happy to see you and have you join in the activity? As long as you don’t expect to get rich overnight, gambling rarely disappoints.

One thing is certain, the longer you wait to visit Las Vegas, the more fun you’ll miss out on.

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