If a maid of honor or bride-to-be is not rolling in the money or doesn’t have big Hollywood connections, getting the VIP treatment in nightclubs across the country may be a difficult task. But when the bachelorette party comes to Las Vegas, there are several ways to make sure every member of the group enters the club feeling like a starlet.

With premiere Las Vegas party packages, party goers can get access to some of the best nightclubs, spas and restaurants in town. But without knowing the ins and outs of the Las Vegas getting access to the VIP experience can feel like a far off dream. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks it’s easy to get the royal treatment in Las Vegas.

All Access: Las Vegas VIP Party Guide Confidence

Though many Las Vegas party packages try to guarantee all access passes to the best nightclub in town, it’s a good idea to come prepared & do your research. With a bit of confidence and a “don’t take NO for an answer” attitude, a typical club experience can go from fun to a once in a lifetime experience in just a few short minutes.

Get Crafty

Experts agree if a group has a large number of men in the party it is a good idea to have everyone evenly dispersed while waiting in line. It will help make the group more visually appealing to bouncers and make wait time shorter.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

When coming to Las Vegas be prepared to tip and to tip well. If the guest of honor wants to sit at a great table with bottle service, it may be necessary to give the doorman a tip to get everyone past the velvet ropes. This is not the time to be thrifty, so be sure to tip generously.

Party in Style

It helps to be prepared when hitting the town VIP style in Las Vegas. Remember, always ask about the bottle minimum before hitting the dance floor and collect all money up front to pay your tab at the end of the night and most importantly, have fun!

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