Heading off to a Las Vegas party to celebrate a best girlfriend getting hitched is a monumental outing, but one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If under-prepared, the experience could be less than enjoyable, annoying, or even downright painful.

Forgetting essential items or not being prepared for possible developments can be a real buzz-kill and ruin the vibe of the occasion. The following are some essential must-have items for creating a Las Vegas party survival kit:

Wardrobe and Accessories

When it comes to looking fierce, party girls shouldn’t forget their makeup, smoky eye kit, hair extensions, jewelry, two outfit choices for each day (a girl has the right to change her mind), plenty of heels, as well as flip flops, for walking around the hotel or hitting the pool. A couple of bikinis, as well as a gym outfit, are in order for using the pool or hotel fitness center. Sunglasses are a must as well.

On the Go Fixes

It’s wise to pack an easy to carry purse with essentials like lip gloss, gum or breath mints, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, tweezers, clear nail polish, concealer, face powder, a spare pair of pantyhose and a nail file.

Personal Care

Pack aspirin or ibuprofen, antacid tablets, band-aids, makeup remover wipes, hair bands, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, lotion, hair straightener and/or curling iron, hair smoothing serum and hair spray. Vitamins or hangover prevention/aftercare tablets can be a life-saver as well.

Nutrition and Hydration

If planning on enjoying cocktails during the trip, bachelorette party gals should prepare for both during and after the experience. Have plenty of fresh water accessible both in the room and while on the go. For every drink, have at least a full cup of water as well. Bring along a bag of trail mix with dried fruit, dark chocolate and nuts like almonds and walnuts for keeping energy up while on the go.

A night out on the town in Vegas with the gals is a celebration, but not being prepared can really crash any Las Vegas party. Whether an invited guest or the bachelorette herself, every traveling socialite and party girl require certain essential elements to have a great night – and an unforgettable trip. Bachelorettes and their best pals should be sure to check off every item on this bachelorette survival kit list before heading to the airport or hitting the town.

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