Happy International Women’s Day! The VGNO squad likes to celebrate being a girl boss EVERYDAY, but we take it up a notch on March 8th. *Cue the playlist from our last blog post.

What makes a girl boss?

We define being a girl boss as a woman who dreams big, works hard to achieve her goals, takes control of her own life, and does whatever it takes to live the life that she deserves / dreams of. She knows her worth and does not accept anything less than.

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How to become a girl boss.

  • Never take no for an answer. Seriously, there are going to be times in your life where people literally say no to your face. Ignore those people, and keep on going. If someone says you can’t do something, work harder than ever and prove them wrong. It’s the best feeling ever.
  • Get used to the idea that failing is inevitable. The path to success definitely is not a straight one. You must understand that failure is GOING TO HAPPEN. Say it with us again, failure WILL happen. How you handle the failure, is what separates the girl bosses. Oprah was fired from her job as a news anchor because she wasn’t “fit for television.” If she had taken that no and ran, she wouldn’t be the successful woman she is today. Remember that.
  • Be comfortable taking risks. Girl bosses take risks. Plain and simple. Yes, it can be super scary, but if every successful woman did everything only in their comfort zone, they definitely wouldn’t be successful and the amazing woman they are today.
  • Find a girl gang and love them HARD. This is our #1 tip! Find a group of women that can encourage you and support you. It makes taking those scary risks and failures ten times easier!

How to be a VGNO girl boss.

If you’re coming to Vegas soon, make sure to take advantage of our Queen B package. It’s perfect for birthdays, bachelorette trips, divorce parties, or any occasion. We want to make you feel like Beyoncé for the night and trust us, you will! You’ll get:

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  • Dinner at Buca Di Beppo with 1-hour open bar

This week, we finally launched our YouTube channel. We figured there is not a better day to share it with the world, than on International Women’s Day! We’ll be sharing exclusive Vegas content + some behind the scenes videos of our VGNO squad in the office. In our first video, we’re introducing our CEO / girl boss, Bri Steck. Click here to watch it!

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Whether you’re planning a bachelorette trip, divorce party, or just a girls’ night out, Vegas Girls’ Night Out has the perfect package for everyone. We want to make sure you have the time of your life in Vegas, so give us a call or text us at 702.701.7778 and let us help you plan a Vegas getaway to remember.

We also want to see your fun girls’ night out photos, so be sure to tag us, @vegasgirlsnightout on Instagram, so we can meet your girl boss squad.

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