“In the end what you do isn’t nearly as interesting or important as who you do it with.” – John Green

It’s been a long week at work, your boyfriend/husband is being a pain and you can’t take another minute being at home. We’ve all been there, and that’s the best time to have a girls’ night out! Believe it or not, a girls’ night out is essential to your life. It gives you time away from it all to let loose with your ladies without the pressures of jobs, families or social commitments. Here are six benefits of having a girls’ night out.

Girls Night Out = Healthier Life

In 2002, a landmark UCLA study concluded that girlfriends are stress-busters for women and they have an impact on their over all mood. It seems the when we’re around friends; the mood-elevating hormone oxytocin is released, increasing our feelings of euphoria. It also found that women with abundant friendships decrease their risk of death. Meanwhile, a Harvard University Nurses’ Health Study concluded that not having regular contact with girlfriends was as detrimental to a woman’s health as smoking or putting on weight!

To Bond

In a world where social media is king, face-to-face bonding is quickly becoming a thing of the past. But tweeting, Instagramming & Facebooking doesn’t give you the quality time a good old girls night will. Talking to your friends in the flesh you get a chance to have human contact and get out of your bubble.

Play Dress Up

When we were kids and teenagers many of use played dress up for hours. We had school dances to go too and formals. But now in the grown up world, those dress up days are few and far between. Girls’ night out give you the opportunity to get all gussied up and dazzle in your finest dress or cowboy boots.

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To Dance

Let’s be honest, have you ever had a girls night out that hasn’t resulted in a few too many with a fit of laughter and showing off some of your best high school dance moves? It’s always one of the best nights out, isn’t it?

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To Remember Who You Are

Your friends keep you grounded. They know who you are. They’ve been with you through the ups and the downs. They put up with your quirks, your demands, and your crazy. You are the person you are today partly because of your friends. And the best way to remember that is with a girls’ night out on the town.

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