Once you’re in a Vegas nightclub, the mission for most bachelorette parties is getting a drink at the bar. But getting served fast at a crowded bar can be an art form. You need to have the right amount of patience mixed with a bit of charm. Here are a few local tips to getting your drink on without waiting a lifetime at the bar.

Simple is Key

You’ve just made your way to the bar along with three dozen other people. The last thing you want is to wait 45 minutes for your drink. Don’t order a complicated drink like a Mojito or a Manhattan. Bartenders at busy nightclubs hate making these drinks because they have too many ingredients and everyone wants them made a different way. They are trying to get you and everyone else drinks as quickly as possible, so giving them an order like a Mojito is sure to give you a long wait. Instead, stick to simple drinks like beer, rum and Coke or straight whiskey.

Money Out & Up

Want to get the bartender’s attention at a full bar? Try holding up your cash or credit card. This shows your bartender that you’re ready to order, and it can also indicate to him/her that you’ll tip better for faster service.

Don’t Yell or Be Obnoxious

A little courtesy can go a long way. Bartenders hate it when people obnoxiously yell or wave at them. They know you’re there, they know you want something and they know the order in which people go to the bar. So have a little courtesy and wait your turn.

Double Fist It

It’s your second time up at the bar and the scene is getting crowded. A good tip is to order two drinks at a time or double up on the liquor. A seasoned drinker knows the lines and waits will only get longer, so your best bet to drink the night away is to double down.

Tip & Tip Well

This one should be obvious. Bartenders remember who tips and who tips well. So slap down that fat tip the first time and the bartender will be eager to serve you the next time.

Clear the Bar

Finally, you’ve ordered and you have your drink – now move out of the way to let the next guy get their alcoholic beverage. A little courtesy and good karma can go a long way at the bar later in the night.

What are your tips for getting fast service at a Vegas bar?

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