Everybody loves a fun time, especially when it is also a great deal. There are many things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling. It is worth investigating the offerings of Las Vegas specials.

Here are some of the favorites:

Wild Bachelorette Party – Move over boys, it’s the ladies’ turn to get wild and crazy. Nothing is more fun for a group of women than to go out on the town and see a male revue, where the muscular guys get down to the skimpiest things possible to wear.

Red Rock Canyon – For nature lovers a trip to Red Rock is delightful. This beautiful area is protected-land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It is possible to go horseback riding there and see herds of wild burros that roam the territory. In the springtime, there are abundant baby burros that are so cute everyone wants to take one home. If you fall in love with one, you may be able to adopt one. On occasion the BLM has wild burro auctions to thin the herd down to a manageable size. Click the link to learn more: https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/

Picnic at Hoover Dam – A nice day trip that is only a short drive is a trip to Boulder City where you can have a picnic & visit Hoover Dam. The dam is a government work project built after the Great Depression in the 1930s to create hydroelectric power. The beginnings of Las Vegas as a gambling Mecca started as a humble “cow” town to entertain the many workers building the dam.

Visit Bonnie Springs Ranch – Bonnie Springs Ranch is another great day trip! The ranch formerly a mining town is now a ghost town. You can take a ride on the miniature replica train, ride a horse and watch actors recreated a Wild, Wild West gunfight in the middle of town. It’s a great look back at Nevada’s past.

Take a Helicopter Flight over the Grand Canyon – A nice side trip is a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. The view from the air is spectacular & you’ll be able to see the great Las Vegas landscape in a whole new way.

Go Boating on Lake MeadLake Mead is a fresh water reservoir that is pleasant to cruise in a small boat. Water skiing and jet skiing are also popular for recreation on the lake.

These are just a few of the Las Vegas specials that do not involve gambling. Make sure to ask Vegas Girls Night Out Party Experts what other things to do while visiting Las Vegas.

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