Vacation goers on a budget may want to turn to the Internet for their frugal planning. There are many Las Vegas specials available throughout the year for those who are willing to spend the time looking for them.

Third-Party Deal SitesThird-party sites generally work as “search engines,” allowing a visitor to quickly peruse all of their available options to find the cheapest one. Third-party deal sites are not always the cheapest option because they do include their own fees, but they can be an excellent way for a visitor to start their price comparisons. Some third-party sites operate as bulk discounters, allowing visitors to purchase entire vacation packages at a lower rate. Occasionally these packages are last minute or off-season, but can still represent significant savings.

Direct Booking DiscountsThough third-party sites may highlight seasonal promotions and other time-sensitive discounts, directly booking with hotels, car services and airlines can allow a visitor to access otherwise unlisted discounts, such as student rates. Most venues and hotels have their own websites and booking services available online. Sometimes they offer their own coupons and promotion codes for additional savings. Coupon and promotional codes can usually be searched for online before booking.

Hotel DiscountsMost of Las Vegas’ popular nightclubs and restaurants are inside of the hotel itself and are primarily backed by the hotels. In addition to preferential treatment such as VIP access and no waitlist seating, visitors to Las Vegas can acquire some substantial discounts by staying in hotels where popular restaurants and attractions are located.

Off The Strip DealsThe Las Vegas Strip is a condensed, compact area containing most of the cities’ big attractions, but it is by no means the entire city of Las Vegas. Visitors seeking to save money may want to go slightly off the strip for better deals. Hotels tend to be far less expensive the further away they are from the Strip. However, visitors will need to calculate slightly higher taxi service fees to compensate for the additional travel time.

Another tip, calling a venue directly and asking about current specials can save visitors money since many popular entertainment venues run scheduled promotions. These may include free drinks for VIP service or waived cover charges, but visitors will need to ask to find out.

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