The best way to ensure a fun bachelorette party is to make it a safe party. When planning a destination bachelorette party, the maid of honor may find that they need to walk the balance between making sure that everyone is safe and that everyone has the freedom to enjoy themselves. Some careful preparation can help make it a fun and safe trip.

Phone Charging Docks

Getting everyone’s phones charged before heading out for the night is one of the best ways to ensure safety, especially when a bachelorette party could be separated for some time. Though it may be a daily habit, it’s easy to forget in the heat of the moment. Most hotels have an assortment of phone chargers at the front desk, in the event that someone has forgotten theirs. A USB travel charger can also be tucked into a purse to re-charge anyone’s phone.

Printed “Emergency” Cards

It’s easy for visitors to get lost in a new city. Consequently, destination bachelorette parties do require some additional planning. Pre-printed emergency cards with the address and name of the hotel, in addition to any other personal contact information, will make it much easier for those who get lost to return to a common ground.

The “Buddy System”

When out in crowded areas, the “buddy system” in a bachelorette party works best. If anyone gets lost, someone will notice quickly and everyone will be able to look for them. Clubs and other entertainment venues can become crowded enough that people can be separated very quickly, and that can be dangerous when everyone is distracted.

Driver Services

For a busy night out in a new area, a driver or limousine service is generally safer than flagging down a taxi. A chartered driver will be aware of who they should be picking up, and hence will notice if anyone is missing. Moreover, the bachelorette party will not need to wait in an unfamiliar location for a ride; the limousine driver can simply wait until everyone is ready to go.

Popular party destinations, such as Las Vegas, have packages available that can make planning much easier on a bridesmaid or bride-to-be. Las Vegas bachelorette party packages contain transportation and lodging, to ensure that everyone gets to their rooms safely and have a memorable time.

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