Some couples are opting to celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties together. This offers couples the ability to plan an entire weekend together without the fear of friends not coming because their wife or girlfriend would not approve. Planning a co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party in Las Vegas is the perfect way to get everyone involved and have time together celebrating with other couples.

InvitationsWhen making the guest list, make sure to account for those who will be bring guests. Make sure invitations state that couples are welcome and that this will be a combined bachelor and bachelorette party. If everyone knows that this is a couple’s event, then no one will get upset when they show up and discover that they could have brought their significant other with them.

Strip Clubs & Exotic ShowsBecause this is going to be a couple’s party, it might be best to avoid strip clubs and those less sophisticated establishments in Las Vegas. Unless that is what everyone wants. If this will be a weekend long party, it might be possible for each party to go to the strip clubs or exotic show they want to see.

DinnerWith a joint bachelorette and bachelor party chances are many people will go off on their own, and that is okay. This way everyone gets to do what they want to. Just make sure to plan a few activities together, such as a group dinner.

AccessoriesBecause this will be a combined party, it might be best to leave the boob and penis party favors at home. However, it does not mean that guests cannot have fun with the couple. Accessories such as a ball and chain or other “let’s celebrate our last days of freedom” are still fun. Many couples love to joke around about how their single lives are going to end. Depending upon the couple, have fun with the bachelor and bachelorette party accessories.

Those who are still unsure if a bachelor or bachelorette party is right for them may want to consider hosting a co-ed gathering. This way everyone can be invited and no one feels left out.

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