Best friends, sisters and future sisters-in-law often find themselves responsible for planning an entire bachelorette party, which might even include a weekend in a city far away like Las Vegas. Planners do not need to panic if their beloved family member or friend wants to spend her last truly single weekend on the Las Vegas Strip. They will find a myriad of tools to help them coordinate a full-scale blast of a party from one of the many bachelorette party packages in Las Vegas.

Choosing the Right Type of Travel Company or Party Planning Service

Many times those tasked with planning the bachelorette weekend events try to rely on their personal Internet search experience, and while that experience — to a great degree — is impressive, it always helps to work with people intimately familiar with the city. Whether they work with a person or business that has long-standing ties with the city or they have done extensive research about the social life in Las Vegas, these local professionals can streamline the planning process and come up with a stellar package in a fraction of the time a non-resident can. Their sheer exposure to the city’s surroundings mean that they absorb bits and pieces of information all the time.

Additionally, these specialized professionals do plenty of leg work and research of their own, cultivating relationships with clubs, limousine companies, airline representatives, hotels, local restaurants and bars. This type of insider information and access is invaluable for city visitors who want to enjoy the city from start to finish, without any snags or gaps in their itinerary. A stressed out bride will appreciate such a smart move on her closest friend or relative’s part since it will leave far more time for the two of them, among other guests, to relax and enjoy the trip to Las Vegas, as well as all the events once they arrive.

A few of the most exciting types of packages bachelorettes can experience in Las Vegas include the following:

  • Entry to a Top Male Revue, like Australia’s Thunder From Down Under, a Mini-Tour of the Strip via Limousine and Free VIP Nightclub Access. Such a package can include a limousine bar and an open bar at each venue.
  • Entry to a Top Male Revue and Pole Dancing Lessons from Night School 4 Girls. Guests who choose this package can learn about pole dancing, the art of seduction and chair dancing, receiving a diploma upon completion.

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