Just about everything in Las Vegas is open year round. Which is what makes this city one of the top bachelorette party destinations in the country. In addition to everything being open 27/4 and year-round, the beautiful weather this city has also makes it very attractive to those looking for some bachelorette party fun. However, just like with traveling anywhere else, there are both good times and not-so-good times to have your bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

FallThe months from September through October are the ideal times to plan your bachelorette party in Las Vegas. The summer heat begins to wane and tourist traffic dies down. Expect temperatures in the 80s and 90s in September and October, which still gives you a few weeks to enjoy a pool party before they close in mid-October. If you’re visiting in November, be prepared for the onset of the winter chill with daytime highs falling into the 60s.

This is also the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities in the area. Plus with events such as Las Vegas Greek Food Festival and Las Vegas Bikefest, bachelorette parties will not be at a loss for things to do when they visit in the fall.

WinterThe months of December through February can be the perfect time of year to have your bachelorette party. In the run-up to the hectic Christmas and New Years season, Las Vegas experiences a mid-December lull and a post-New Years funk. If you plan your bachelorette party a week before Christmas or even the week after the New Year you could save money on room rates in the city.

Keep in mind that even though Las Vegas is a desert city, it does get cold in the winter. Temperatures can drop to almost freezing so come prepared with a faux fur coat or your best winter outfits if you choose to visit during wintertime.

SpringThe months from March through May can be ideal times to visit Las Vegas for the weather. You’ll need to pack a few light layers as temperatures cool significantly once the sun goes down. Las Vegas also sees fewer tourists during these months. But keep in mind that it is the busiest time of year to plan a bachelorette party since many brides plan summer weddings.

Keep in mind while lines to some attractions may be shorter, lines to get into nightclubs could be longer. Bachelorette parties may want to plan their trips around Viva Las Vegas or Vegas Uncork’d, which are two popular spring events that would be a fun addition to their getaways.

SummerThe Summer months from June to August are the most popular time of year to visit Las Vegas, even with temperatures in the triple digits. This means, lines could be longer, hotel rates could be more expensive, and shows and restaurants could be completely booked. We doubt you’ll be spending much time walking the Strip in June, July or August with the 100+ heat.

That said, if you’re looking to have the best bachelorette party at a pool this is the time of year to plan to go. Dayclubs & pool parties are in high gear and often feature world renowned DJs and celebrity guests. So make sure to plan your bachelorette party a few months ahead to ensure you get the party you want.

Remember the top two things to consider when planning the bachelorette party are budget and when everyone can take time off to join the festivities. If you’re planning your bachelorette party in 2016 make sure to check out Vegas Girls Night Out packages & deals. However, no matter what time of year, bachelorette party packages are planned in Las Vegas, chances are everyone is still going to have a good time.

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