A wedding day should never be an expiration date on a friendship. In fact, a healthy relationship will only enrich other aspects of life. However, marriage does change the dynamics of friendship, and it may seem like it takes a little more work to keep friendships alive. A “best friends” bucket list is a great idea for bonding before the wedding. It is not a typical bucket list with the idea of finishing something before it is too late, because with true friendship, it is never too late. It is more of a bucket list of ideas to solidify the friendship.

Bucket List to Bond With the Girls

  • Do something immature. Adults who can let loose together will find that their bonds run deeper. Perhaps it has to do with being able to let their guard down. For whatever reason letting loose and forgetting your age is a great way to bond. Go to a fair and ride the roller coasters, eat cotton candy with no worries about the calories and giggle at things that are not that funny. #YOLO
  • Get away together. As a plan or spontaneously getting away from it all with the girls is great. Leave the drama of jobs and guys for a moment book a flight to someplace crazy and forget it all except the friendship. There are Las Vegas bachelorette party packages that can allow women to get away without the stress of planning.
  • Do something daring. Go skydiving, scuba diving, or even on an overnight hike. Whichever level of excitement is right for the group is enough, the idea is to simply step outside of the norm.
  • Make a big change. A change made with a best friend like getting matching tattoos, or getting fit together can be a permanent reminder of the friendship.

There doesn’t have to be only one bucket list. Once friends finish their “before wedding” bucket list, they can enjoy a “before baby” bucket list and a “before 40” bucket list. After all what is the point of going through life if you don’t have fun with friends and family?

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