Planning Your Bachelorette Party Based On Your Budget

Whether you’re a bride-to-be organizing your bachelorette party or a bridesmaid planning one for your bestie, Vegas is the place to be.

Vegas caters to essentially every style and budget you can imagine. Vegas Girls Night Out has been helping plan unforgettable bachelorette parties in Sin City for over 7 years. We created unique Party Packages backed with the best Vegas has to offer for any budget.

Here’s everything you need to know to plan a Vegas bachelorette party on a budget, plus some party planning tips to help ensure the night goes off without a hitch.

Queen B

Budget #1

I’ve Got Champagne Taste, But I’m on a Seltzer Budget

This is for the brides who want to get the most out of Vegas, but the rest of the party needs to stay on a budget. But don’t worry. You can still experience all the glamor and glitz of Vegas without breaking the bank.

Our Party Hop Package starts at just $60 per person and features an exclusive limo or party bus ride, champagne, entry to some of the best nightclubs on the Strip, and more. Get treated like a VIP on a budget.

Budget #2

Let’s Get Crazy, But Not Too Crazy

You want to go all out in Vegas with your best friends, but your bank account may say otherwise (we’re looking at you, student loans). Here’s how to pull off a bachelorette bash without going overboard on spending.

The You’re So Fancy Package begins at $194 per person and kicks off at Beauty & Essex, one of the hottest spots in town. Then you’ll be treated to a 1-hour open bar at the gorgeous Chandelier at Cosmopolitan lounge and finish the night at the top clubs on the Strip.

If you’re looking to catch a show, there’s nothing like Thunder From Down Under. The Thunder Storm Through Vegas Package starts at $138 per person and includes tickets to the hottest show in tow, champagne, and access to our Club Hopper package.

Dayclubcover Image
Excalibur Thunder Down Under Shoutout Shots

Budget #3

Let’s Get Crazy, But Not Too Crazy

If the sky’s the limit, go all out with your girls. These packages are for the party-goers who want to live like royalty.

The non-stop party Day to Night Package starts at $295 per person and grants you access to our Marquee Dayclub party package. Begin at the Marquee Dayclub and end at a fancy dinner at one of the VGNO approved restaurants.

Who says a bachelorette only has to be one night? The Double Trouble Package starts at $290 per person and has you covered with 2 nights of dinners, shows, nightclubs, and nonstop fun.

Double Trouble Vegas Package
  • Double Trouble

    Are you looking to get into some trouble when you are in Vegas? Well we’ve got you covered with 2 nights of partying! The Double Trouble package was designed to take the stress out of planning your Vegas Vacay with 2 nights of dinners, shows, nightclubs and a lot of drinks!

    Starting at


    **online service fee applied to all web orders


5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

  • Size matters. Group size, that is. We recommend keeping the party at less than 20.
  • Set a budget before the party. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what’s feasible.
  • The bride gets the final say. Hey, it’s her party after all!
  • The person who puts their card down should get paid first.
  • You need reservations for most places in Vegas. So have a full itinerary – don’t try to wing it.

Need More Help?
If you’re having trouble deciding which package is best for your bachelorette on a budget, take our quiz to help make the most out of your night out!

Ready to Create a Vegas Experience That’s Yours?

You don’t have to party in Vegas the same as everyone else does! Take the quiz and get ready to create a girls’ night out that is as unique and spicy as your squad.


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