Congratulations! Your bestie is getting married and you’ve been put in charge of the bachelorette party planning extravaganza. But where do you start? What do you do? How do you get it all organized?

Have no fear… Vegas Girls Night Out is here! We are your go to party planners with a team of experts who not only love Vegas, but know the ins and outs to make your bestie’s bachelorette weekend one to remember. Here’s an easy check list to get started.

1. Talk to the Bride

Before you get on the phone with us, you need to get the what’s what, of what your bride wants for her last fling before the ring. Ask her what she’s hoping for at her bachelorette party? Does she have any restrictions, such strippers or no strippers? Are there any specific dates she has in mind for the party? Are there any must haves she wants or things she wants to stay away from for her bachelorette party?

2. Pick a Theme

We always find picking the theme is the most fun of planning the party. This will also narrow down what kind of activities she might want, such as Naughty Night Out, Get Hitch Western style or Casino Night. Even just picking a color can be a theme. If the bride loves pink then have everyone that night wear pink to get into the party spirit.

3. Budget

You don’t want to go overboard with activities if not everyone can afford it. Make sure to talk to everyone who the bride wants at her party and figure out a budget that will work for the group getting together.

4. Time Is of The Essence

One thing most people forget is jotting down a timeline or schedule of events for the night. Doing this will not only help you stay on track but it’ll also help you figure out how much time you have for each activity you’d like to do.

5. Make Reservations

This is where Vegas Girls Night Out comes in. Just give us a ring at 702.701.7778 and we’ll help you book everything from a Night School 4 Girls pole dancing class to Australia’s Thunder from Down Under.

6. Send Out Invites

To get the girls excited for the big bash, send out cute invites with the theme or color of the party. Think about putting the schedule of events in the invite too, it’ll add a little something special & then everyone will know what to expect.

7. Who Pays & How to Collect Money

You don’t have to pay for the bachelorette party by yourself! It’s customary to pay for the bachelorette, but the other guests should pay their fair share. Just make sure everything stays under or at the budget that was discussed.

And to collect the money from each guest you invite, we suggest using Square Cash or Venmo apps. Both are easy to use & great ways for IPhone & Android users to send you money; especially if the guests are spread across the country. Having them use one of these apps will also make it easier later on during the party if you have to split a check or pay a bill on one card.

7. Making Goodie Bags

One final thing to think about, is making goodie bags. If you do decide to do a Night School 4 Girls class goodie bags are included. At the end of the night it’s always fun to have a little extra something to add to the party.

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