A woman’s wedding day is one of the most cherished experiences that she will ever have. However, it takes a lot of preparation to get to that day. The bride will be busy planning her dress, her shoes, her hair and makeup, the florist, the caterer, the DJ or other entertainment, the venue, the reception hall, and of course, the wedding rings that she and her hubby will wear. It’s no wonder then that the bridesmaids are often left in charge of planning the bachelorette party.

For the bridesmaid who wants to give a future bride the night of her life, why not host a shindig in Las Vegas? Although a somewhat predictable location, by working with a concierge service that offers Las Vegas bachelorette party packages, a bridesmaid can ensure that a bride-to-be will have an absolutely unforgettable experience that is anything but by-the-numbers. These packages allow for access to the most exclusive entertainment in the city. After all, a bachelorette party, much like a wedding, requires a lot of planning. The women have to decide what to wear, where they want to eat, what kind of entertainment they want to enjoy, and then where to go. It can be dizzying. By choosing a party package, the bridesmaid’s work is done.

Imagine cruising around in a limousine through Vegas with the bride and the rest of the bridal party, sipping on complimentary drinks and seeing the most beloved streets in the city. Then picture being whisked away to some of the most in-demand restaurants or nightclubs. These are the ones with a waiting list a mile long where reservations have to be made months in advance. Some of these packages may even include open bar at these clubs or restaurants, allowing the night to get off on the right foot.

Then imagine taking in some of the most fantastic views at the most sold-out concerts and other live entertainment in Vegas. All the women can sit back, enjoy a show, and have an experience that they can all talk about for years into the future. For those women who want to plan a night full of male-fueled entertainment, some packages allow for just that. Others may let the bride and her party be the entertainment themselves as they take a fun and flirty pole-dancing class (such as Night School 4 Girls) that hubby will surely appreciate later.

No matter the type of bachelorette night that a bridesmaid has in mind, she can make it possible with a party package like this from a concierge service like Vegas Girls Night Out. Don’t wait. Call or email today to start booking.

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