A bachelorette party is oftentimes a once in a lifetime event. It’s a time where a woman & her friends can enjoy her last day of being a single lady. When party planning for a friend, there are some things she might want to include to ensure she enjoys her last fling before the ring.

Open Bar

While there are plenty of Las Vegas bachelorette party packages available, certain aspects of the night are almost a requirement such as an open bar. When it’s a person’s last night of going out with the girls before settling down, it needs to be memorable and alcohol can definitely assist. Many women can’t talk about the most fun night of their life without adding that there was alcohol involved.

Limo Rides

So what else makes a party special besides whiskey shooters? How about getting driven around in a limousine? It’s a way to make a woman feel special and not worry about having a designated driver. Plus, she’ll get to take a tour around Las Vegas in the ultimate luxury vehicle.

Male Revues

Thunder From Down Under at Excalibur Photo Credit: Denise Truscello

Men! Hot naked men! That can definitely make a bachelorette’s party spectacular. Think about it. She’s not going to see another man naked besides her husband, and he can’t even get mad because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Try a Las Vegas bachelorette party packages that includes watching Thunder from Down Under, which stars some of Australia’s hottest exported… men!

Pole Dancing

Or a woman can think about her soon-to-be spouse while she’s learning how to pole dance, give strip teases & even a lap dance. These classes are fun, while teaching a woman how to turn her man on in ways she may have never done before.


With so many clubs to choose from in Vegas, access to some of the most popular ones on a last night of fun is an ideal way to make a bachelorette’s night. Some favorite hot spots include LAX, Chateau, Marquee, Hyde, Tryst, XS and Tao, all of which are sure to make a lady’s night out something special.


Last but not least, having a spa day before a big night out can make a woman feel radiant and beautiful. It can change the way her entire night goes. Some place will even bring the spa to you so think about getting your hair & make up done by a professional before stepping out on the town.

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