Are you planning a bachelorette party for your friend?
Throwing a bachelorette party can be a great bonding experience with the bride.
It’s also chance for the bride to take a break from wedding planning. But if
you’re in charge of planning the bachelorette party, there are a few guidelines
you should follow to make sure the party is fun for everyone.

1. You Can’t Plan the Party Without the Bride

Many M.O.H. (Maids of Honor) take their duties seriously,
with a vision of what they want their bride to experience on their bachelorette
party. But before you get started with your vision, you need to check in with
the bride. Remember this is the bride’s day so, even if you have an amazing
party planned, it needs to be the amazing party that the bride wants.

Here are a few things to ask to get your vision going.

Ask the
bride what she wants and what she wants to avoid.

Does she
want a quiet spa weekend?

Does she want a crazy club
hopping weekend?

Does she
want strippers?

Who does
she want at the party?

2. Keep It Fairly Small

We’ve all seen the Instagram posts where the bride has a
squad of 20+ girls at her last fling before the ring. But keeping the
bachelorette party a small intimate affair is usually the best way to go. Ten
or less at for a bachelorette party is ideal. Why? Trying to arrange a party
around more people means more logistics and more issues. It can be tough trying
to get everyone on the same page not to mention getting money from everyone
too! The process should be fun and exciting not a headache giving hassle.

3. Avoid the Night Before the Wedding

Make sure you pick the perfect date for the event. Avoid the
night before the wedding at all costs. The bride doesn’t need to wake up on the
best day of her life looking exhausted with a hangover. Consider doing the
bachelorette party at least two months before the big day.

4. You Don’t Have to Have a Crazy Night

Not every bachelorette dreams of an epic hangover movie type
of party, and that’s ok. You need to plan the party around what the bride
wants. If she doesn’t feel comfortable going to a nightclub and seeing
strippers, then go to a nice dinner, get drinks at
a bar or to a show like Boyz
II Men
or Jennifer Lopez: All I Have Concert.

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5. Invites, Dress Codes & More

Formal invites aren’t necessary, but you need to make sure
everyone is aware of the details. Whether you plan on having a crazy night out,
a weekend of fun or a low-key event, everyone needs to know the costs of
everything involved as well the dress code for the event. A site like Paperless Posts or creating a private
Facebook Group can ensure that everyone gets all the details they need.

Remember, the bride is the most important person here, so
you are catering to her wimps for her final fling before the ring. You’re there
to celebrate, have fun and make it a memorable night for everyone.

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