While cold weather surrounds most of the Midwest and East, here in Las Vegas, the weather is perfect for a spring break getaway. Instead of just “winging it” on your next trip, we’ve made you a checklist of some of the best things to do in Sin City.

1. Dayclubs

Forget about heading to the beach this spring break because Vegas has you covered. Not only is Sin City known for some of the world’s best nightclubs, but it’s also known for throwing some of the world best pool parties. DJ’s from across the globe come to Vegas to play while revelers dance, drink and flirt in the water. Don’t believe us? Check out this music video by CashCash shot last year at Marquee Dayclub.

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Marquee Las Vegas✔@MarqueeLV

Check out @cashcash‘s new music video filmed at #MarqueeDayclub and see the madness for yourself this Saturday!

4:50 PM – Jul 27, 2016

Sun, drinks, hot men & pool parties now that’s what we call the makings of a great spring break.

2. Sunless Tans 

One thing is certain… after months of hibernating from the cold, spring means it’s time to get sun ready. No one wants to show up pasty white at the Dayclub, so instead of laying out taking in those possible cancerous rays think about a little sunless tan. BOLD Sunless Tans specialize in the first-ever, fully customizable, heated sunless airbrushing system guaranteeing you a warm, flawless glow. It’s the perfect way to get sun-kissed without getting sunburnt.

3. Reserve Food in Advance

While many of us focus on all the things to do while on spring break, we forget about eating. Yes, believe it or not eating is the one thing people forget to plan and that is a mistake. Did you know several restaurants offer group discounts and prefixed menus in advance? That’s right, planning your restaurant trips could save you money. Vegas Girls Night Out offer a variety of different restaurant options from the super fancy to the very affordable, so you don’t have to wait until last minute to pick where to eat.

4. Work It Off

After all that food, you might feel like you need a bit of movement and we have just the thing. Night School 4 Girls is a pole dancing class that teaches women how to shimmy and shake like a pro. You’ll learn the art of seduction, a lap dance and a few pole-trick to impress your man at home. Best part? They offer private classes so you and your girls can let loose without feeling embarrassed with strangers.

5. Get a Rose

No spring break trip to Vegas could be complete without catching a rose from the Grammy Award winning group Boyz II Men. These crooners will have you singing along to their R&B hits like “End of the Road,” “On Bended Knee” & of course “Motownphilly.” It’s a definite must-see.

These are just a few of the fun things you and your squad can do while on spring break in Vegas. For more ideas and options make sure to check out the Vegas Girls Night Out website or call one of the party planners on staff to get a one-on-one customized trip.

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