When the occasion calls for celebration, a party bus offers a great solution. A party bus is essentially a chartered means of bus transportation for the party goers. The bus can be reserved well ahead of time, and be ready to use on the date of the event for as many hours as necessary. The host can either have the bus pick up party goers at their individual homes, or the bus can be waiting at a specific pick up and drop off location. When drinking is expected, it’s recommended that the bus picks up party goers from their hotel or residence so that they can drop them off safely at their home or hotel after the festivities are over.

Party buses are very popular for those having a Las Vegas bachelorette party since attendees may want to stay together and visit multiple venues in a single night. Consider these five great reasons why chartering a party bus may be the best transportation option.

  1. A party bus prevents drunk driving by ensuring that party attendees never have to worry about having too much to drink and then trying to drive themselves home. This keeps party-goers and other drivers safe on the roads.
  2. A party bus saves the exorbitant cost of having to rent out and decorate a large party room. Hosts will also be spared the trouble of cleaning up after the party. Party buses can be decorated ahead of time by the hosts or the charter bus owner.
  3. Party bus services offer lots of vehicle choices, including tricked out SUV limos, convertible limos and modified motor coaches and freight liners. The specific vehicle choice will depend on the number of guests planning to attend.
  4. SUV limos and party buses are typically equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems with an option to have a DJ, light show systems, comfortable seating and video capabilities. Hosts would have a hard time finding that kind of atmosphere in a hotel conference room.
  5. Party buses can be ideal for any event. Whether best friends are traveling to a casino together, hosts are arranging a wedding shower for a bride, guys are having a bachelor party or employees are arranging a retirement celebration, a party bus will make it special and appropriate for the occasion.

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