People will believe almost anything, and that’s definitely true when it comes to myths about Las Vegas. Here are a few myths about Sin City you may believe.

1. Myth: There’s only one reason people come to Las Vegas & that’s to gamble.

False. According to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority of the 41 million visitors that came to Las Vegas last year, more than 5 million of them were officially here for conventions. Though gambling is still big business here in Sin City, a lot of tourist came here to visit family, to shop, to experience our nightlife/daylife, to come to shows & even to check out our growing restaurant culture.

2. Myth: All there is to Las Vegas is the Strip.

False. Though most tourists never leave 4.2 miles known as the Las Vegas Strip, there is an actual city beyond the glimmering lights. We have a sprawling outdoor scene around the city only a short drive away. You can take a cruise on Lake Mead, take a bike ride out at Red Rock Canyon, go golfing at Angel Park, go skiing & snowboarding at Mount Charleston, go hiking at Valley of Fire, go zip-lining at Bootleg Canyon or even race dune buggies in the desert.

3. Myth: You live in Las Vegas? It must be a non-stop party!

No way! Imagine going out every single night until 3 or 4 in the morning. How would you even make it to work? Just because we live here doesn’t mean we don’t have jobs to get to in the morning. While the image of Las Vegas is partying & drinking all night, living here is a much different story. So don’t get mad at your friend who lives here for not wanting to go out until the crack of dawn on a Thursday night. We all have lives and jobs we are responsible for while you’re living your hangover fantasy.

4. Myth: Everyone works & lives on the Las Vegas Strip.

Unlike popular belief, we don’t all work & live on the strip nor are we all involved in entertainment. The Las Vegas Valley population has more than 2,000,000 and just like any other town there are normal jobs such as teachers, lawyers, executive assistants, nurses, doctors, and the list goes on and on. We also don’t all live on the strip. There are suburbs and even other cities right outside the Vegas borders.


Fun Fact: Vegas Girls Night Out CEO, Bri & Party Consultant, Michelle both grew up in near by Boulder City where gambling is actually prohibited. Boulder City is only one of only two cities in Nevada where you can’t gamble.

5. Myth: Las Vegas isn’t family-friendly.

False. The strip may not be the most family-friendly place to bring your teen too but there are tons of things in and around the city that are perfect for families to enjoy. You can check out Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson that boasts a botanical Cactus Garden or head over to the Discovery Children’s Museum in downtown that has more than 100 hands-on exhibits in the arts humanities & sciences, just to name a few.

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