Every mom loves being with their kids, but the excitement of the Holidays, combined with the
busyness of everyday life, doesn’t leave much room for mom. We want to remind you it’s time
to start thinking about YOU again.
Self-care is often neglected in our everyday lives, especially when you’re a mom running from
one activity to another. As moms, we tend to put our children’s needs before our own. It’s
crucial to remember, that we cannot fill another person’s needs if ours aren’t met. True self-
care isn’t self-centered nor selfish. Self-care is about paying attention to how you feel and to
speak up for yourself, guilt-free. A moms’ night out is a fun and easy way to accomplish this!
Here are four tips for planning a Mom’s Night Out in Vegas to remember.

1. Set A Date
The hardest part about planning any mom’s night out is getting your mom squad together.
Everyone’s schedules and commitments can be all over the place, but persevere! Planning a
night out with your adult friends is just as important as planning that play date for your child. So
start a Facebook, What’s App or Instagram group chat with your besties and set a date.
Vegas Girls Night Out Insider tip: Try to avoid major holiday weekends like Labor Day, where
prices can skyrocket, and shows can be sold out. We suggest coming after a holiday weekend to
get into that “it” show you’ve been dying to see like Australia’s Thunder From Down Under or
Boyz II Men.

2. Spread the News
Now that the dates are picked tell everyone. Tell your partner. Tell your kids. Tell your parents.
Put it on the family calendar. Put it on social media. Send out the appropriate text messages.
Get a skywriter. Arrange the childcare and tell everyone who needs to know that you’re taking
the weekend off and heading to Vegas.

3. Plan It Out
Now that childcare is arranged, and everyone knows when you’ll be out of town, it’s time to
start planning. However, where should you start? Vegas has a plethora of options, and it can be
overwhelming. Don’t panic. Our party planning experts have you covered. They can talk you
through all of our show packages including one of our fan faves: the Girls Night Outback
Package. This package includes: tickets to Australia’s Thunder From Down Under, access to
Night School 4 Girls pole dancing & striptease class, and VIP Club Hopper Entry. We also have
our Boyz Crazy package that includes a ticket to Boyz II Men & VIP Club Hopper Entry.
Still not your style? That’s ok; we can help you create your very own package. You can
customize everything from limos to shows to restaurants to beauty options and nightclubs. It’s
up to you and your crew, what you want to see and what you don’t. The possibilities are

Vegas Girls Night Out Insider Tip: Did you know we have the best seats in the Thunder From
Down Under showroom? That’s right! We have a section called the Thunder Zone where you’ll
be front and center to all the Thunder action. The blokes jump on the table in this section, giving
you an up close and personal view.
However, that’s not all! If you want to pump up your Mom’s Night Out why not add a personal
shout out & a shot from the blokes themselves during the show.

4. Enjoy Guilt-Free!
Finally, the best tip of all, get out and enjoy your time with the girls. We all know you might
have that mom moment where you miss your kids and feel guilty for having the time of your life
while they’re at home. But, this is what mom time is for, so go out enjoy yourself guilt free!

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