Las Vegas is a very popular place to hold a bachelorette party, but with so much to do, planning specific bachelorette party activities can be a bit of a challenge. After all, bridesmaids want to make sure the bride has an amazing and memorable time. Fortunately, there are a few fun and relatively simple ideas for the bachelorette party weekend that are sure to be a hit for all involved!

Create a Scavenger Hunt

For those looking to get a little creative with the bachelorette party, there’s always the option to come up with a fun scavenger hunt. Each girl gets a checklist with any number of made-up tasks to complete over the course of the night or entire weekend. From snapping a photo with an Elvis impersonator to seeing the Bellagio fountains, there are all kinds of fun items that can be placed on the list to make it a fun and challenging game.

Enjoy a Pool Cabana Day

Let’s face it: after a long flight into Vegas and a little bit of jet lag, it’s nice to just spend a day relaxing. This is where it can be wise to book a hotel pool cabana for the day. These cabanas are great because they typically include plenty of seating, free beverages, and even a waitstaff to bring food and alcoholic drinks. Renting a cabana is always a wonderful way to relax and enjoy a break from the sun in between swimming sessions.

Schedule a Photo Shoot

What better way to remember one’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas than booking a photographer for a few hours and having him or her snap professional photos of the group at various landmarks on the Strip? From the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign to the top of the Stratosphere, getting a photographer to capture these moments is a great idea.

Go Dancing and Clubbing

Last but not least, make sure to set aside, at least, one night to enjoy some time at Las Vegas’ hottest nightclubs. Some of them will have long lines to get in, but if you get Vegas Girls Night Out VIP Club passes, which allow you to skip the lines you’ll get right to the dance floor! Couple this with a trip in a limo and any bride-to-be is sure to have an amazing time.

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