Don’t get caught worrying about the little things like your bridesmaids dresses or the embarrassing toasts.

  1. Being Late. It’s your wedding day. There are at least three people in your party responsible for getting you to the venue – and it’s not like they can start without you!
  2. Your Flowers. Whether or not they’re the exact shade of champagne that you ordered, it doesn’t matter. They’ll look nice in the photos and they’ll be dead by tomorrow, so enjoy them while they last.
  3. The Centerpieces. These decorations are simply something to help make the table look nice. In a few hours, they’ll either be eaten by your younger guests, kicked on the floor so your favorite aunt can dance on the table or stolen by your grandma for her upcoming quilting night. Why are you going to stress over a table?
  4. The Bridesmaids’ Dresses. In a perfect world, you’re not an overbearing bridezilla who’s dressed her entourage in peach and chocolate. But you can’t please everyone, so accept that your bridesmaids will probably not like their dresses. It’s just one day, and tomorrow they’ll hate something else.
  5. Whether Everyone is Having Fun… or Not. Weddings have their highs and lows. All you can do is ensure that your guests are well fed, hydrated and that the DJ doesn’t go overboard with the techno. Other than that, the bridal couple’s happiness is the priority.
  6. Whether Your Families and Friends are Getting Along. Where there is alcohol, a flexible seating plan and a good mediator, there is a way. Relax, you can always sneak out early and head to your honeymoon.
  7. Embarrassing Toasts. You can count on these happening. There is no way to avoid them, so plan on them and enjoy the silly, awfulness as it ensues.
  8. Your Painful Shoes. Sad but true, satin spike heels will at one point wear your poor feet down to nubs. Accept it and bring a pair of flip-flops. Your dress will hide them and no one will care by the end of the night.
  9. Making a Pig of Yourself. As a bride, you are guaranteed to not eat enough because you’re too busy mingling and dancing the night away. So stuff your face at every opportunity – there won’t be many.
  10. Absent Guests. This can be disappointing, but people are flaky and it’s bound to happen. They can make it up to you another time – and you get to eat and drink their share of refreshments.

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